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About Us

About Aubrey Carter Design Office
We Love What We Do

New clients often show us magazine pages and online photos of homes, restaurants and spaces they like. Our first step is to ask questions to get to the heart of the matter, activities, play, relaxation, entertainment, that helps us define your project. Through meetings and conversations with you, we prod to get at the intangibles that will make our solution unique to your project. We get personal, and the projects we design are very, very personal.

We specialize in restaurant design, home design and product design

In our architectural practice, we interact closely with every aspect of our projects, every vendor and every consultant, throughout the life of each project. As architects, we not only conceive, design and excecute your project, we also provide a design perspective across a wide range of situations and offer specific recommendations that may be needed to bring your project to fruition.

Authentic Tradition

Handcraft + Passion + Time

Our Philosophy

About Aubrey Carter

When I was a young boy, my family lived deep in the pine forest of East Texas. My family owned a generations-old lumber mill. During the summers, my brother and I would work there. I was not old enough then to work on the logging crews like my brother so my father assigned me to the truck shop. This was a mechanic shop where all the logging trucks were repaired and kept in service. The head mechanic didn’t really have time to deal with me so he pointed to an old 6-cylinder truck engine on the floor and told me to take it entirely apart and then to reassemble it: “And when you put it back together, don’t leave no parts out, neither!” It was a tall order and I did have three parts left over at the end but he allowed as how it was “a pretty decent job.”

The next year, I worked in the machine shop where they actually made steel parts for broken equipment. There was a blacksmith and forger and a center-punch and drills and lathes and they made parts for the steam locomotives we used to train logs out of bog-bottoms in Polk and Angelina Counties and ship the lumber to market.

My early introduction into motors and machine-shop parts-making for specific uses left me with a fascination with how things are derived: conceived, designed and produced. And I am very grateful for the success I have had in my life as a result of that early exposure.